Chemical Industries


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Insurance for Chemical Industry

The Chemical business is one of the quickest developing areas in the country. Yet, there is a wide assortment of dangerous synthetic compounds included that can be combustible, harmful, or unstable. To attempt a legitimate gamble on the board, the entire lifecycle of the synthetic substances ought to be thought of.
There are many factors like Improper Layout of The Plant, Wrong Material Selection, Chemical Risk Assessment, Process Safety Management, Electrical Safety, Emergency Planning, and so on that should be considered while doing legitimate Risk Management.
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Property Damage

Standard Fire and Special Perils Insurance is a traditional cover that offers cover against fire and allied perils which are named in the policy. The policy can cover building (including plinth and foundation), plant and machinery, stocks, furniture, fixtures and fittings and other contents.

Business Interruption / Loss of Profits

Business interruption insurance is insurance coverage that replaces income lost in the event that business is halted due to direct physical loss or damage, such as might be caused by a fire or a natural disaster. THis type of insurance also covers operating expenses, a move to a temporary location, if necessary, payroll, taxes, and loan payments.

Machinery Breakdown

Machinery Breakdown policy is an ideal cover for all kinds of plant and machinery, to cover cost of repairs or replacement of damaged parts as a result of unforeseen and sudden physical damages. The cover affords protection to the insured machinery whilst at work or at rest and when they are being dismantled for the purpose of cleaning, inspection and overhauling or removal to another position or during their operations or subsequent re‐erection, provided these are performed in the same premises.

Third Party Liability / Public Liability

Third-party liability insurance is a type of policy under which the insurance company offers cover for the insured against legal liabilities that arise due to the loss/damage caused by them to a third person’s body or their property.

Marine Insurance (Transit Insurance)

Marine Insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage against the losses or damages of cargo or goods during transportation between the points of origin to the destination. Marine insurance policy provides coverage for all means of transportation example road, railway, air, sea, couriers and postal service.

Employer’s Liability

The policy covers statutory liability of an employer for the death of or bodily injuries or occupational diseases sustained by the workmen arising out of and in course of employment.

Directors And Officers Liability

The D&O policy provides cover for the personal liability of Directors and Officers arising due to wrongful acts in their managerial capacity. Defence costs are also covered and are payable in advance of final judgment.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability (CGL) is a form of comprehensive insurance that offers coverage in case of damage or injury caused by a business’s operations or products, or on its premises.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance policies protect companies from hackers and other individuals or groups who may gain access to company-stored personal identifying information.

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance (TCI) reimburses companies when their customers are unable to pay because of insolvency or destabilizing political conditions.